A kitten called Chicken

(Posted by Laurence)

On Friday afternoon Jane took a call from some friends of ours (another eMi family) who were due to fly to the USA in the small hours of Saturday morning for a stay of several months.  They were trying to get rid of four chickens, had found homes for three, and asked if we would take the last one.  Of course, said Jane, and called over to me to ask what I thought.  I thought a chicken sounded like a great idea, although I was unsure if we were expected to promptly kill and eat it or keep it to lay eggs.  Jane asked if the chicken was alive, to which she got a bemused reply that it was… and so we spent the next few hours pondering on where the best place to keep our chicken might be.

Come dinner time, I had a call to say that our friends where driving over – With the chicken? I asked. Yes, said my friend, and rang off.  Seconds later the phone rang again.  Did you say ‘kitten’ or ‘chicken’? asked my friend.  I laughed… what a funny confusion that he thought I thought he was bringing a kitten, when he was really bringing a a chicken!  Chicken, of courseI said.

Chicken the kitten

Well, he wasn’t bringing a chicken, he was bringing this little chap (see photo).  Meet our new housemate, Chicken the kitten!  Neither of us are ‘cat people’, so we’re a bit at sea with what to do with him, but we gave him some milk (which he seemed to enjoy), and he’s quickly settling in.  Amazingly, we put out a small litter tray and he used it!  5 weeks old and toilet trained – surely that’s a fast learner?

We’re adamant that he needs to become an outdoor cat with as much independence as possible, so the main challenge is socialising him with the dogs that live in our compound: who knows how that will go.  In the meantime, if anyone has any hints and tips on raising kittens then please let us know!



One thought on “A kitten called Chicken

  1. Hi Jane and laurence, it’s Sarah Rattee here from St Andrews church. I’d recommend an excellent website on cats – icatcare.org and then go to the advice page. There is lots of info related to new kitten care. I’d advIce vaccinations and worming and flea control but have no idea how easy this is in Uganda. Certainly neutering will be good esp if the cat is mixing with others! Blessings and love to you both


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