A new year, a new chapter


Jinja market – the calmest and most organised in Uganda?

(Posted by Laurence)

The first week of 2017 saw us loading our belongings into a truck and moving our home to Jinja, a substantial town overlooking the Nile River as it flows out of Lake Victoria.  We are here so that I can start Phase 2 of the Amazima School, comprising a chapel and two classrooms, which I will be managing until May 2017 at which point I will hand it over to one of my colleagues and move on to another project.

We have found a lovely house within Jinja town, and it is a dream to be able to park our car up and get to the market and friends’ houses on foot and bicycle.  I am yet to recce the route to site, but I have plans to cycle across an old railway bridge over the Nile and find a back road from there.

This house (a ground floor apartment, really, with the second storey not yet built) is very nice, but it lacks any built-in furniture.  We have brought the basics from our last place,  but we are currently in the middle of knocking together some extra bits and pieces such as a kitchen counter and a coffee table (formerly a vegetable crate from Ggaba market in Kampala!).

We already have some friends in the area, through EMI, and we met at their house for church on Sunday.  It was beautiful: a group of Ugandans and foreigners gathered in a garden, worshiping God and studying the Bible together; the essential components of fellowship.

We’re only expecting to be in Jinja for five or six months, and there’s currently some uncertainty over where we’ll be asked to go next, but we’re looking forward to this short chapter of life, and we’re keen to make the most of being in a bustling but much more manageable urban centre.


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