The Amazima School video tour

(Posted by Laurence)

Just released by Amazima Ministries, this video gives a great perspective of the school site near Jinja that I will be starting work on shortly.

Everything you see in the video was built over the past 17 months during Phase 1 of the project, with EMI acting as an owner’s rep giving oversight to a general contractor.

For Phase 2, starting soon, I will be the Project Manager with an EMI foreman running a crew of local labourers and tradesmen, with the occasional sub-contractor.  This is a fundamentally different approach to using a general contractor, as it allows us to manage a crew directly and instil the work ethos and quality standards that we desire. We will be building the school chapel and two classroom blocks: if you pause the video at 48 seconds in, you can see a bare piece of ground to the right of the Administration Block where the chapel will be built; the two classroom blocks will be on the hill behind the Administration Block.


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