A little update…

(Posted by Laurence)

If you’ve been following our news you will know that our plan for the next year was to spend six months in Jinja working on the Amazima School before moving to Rakai District to launch the building of the Cherish High School.  We are now in Jinja, and I am making a start on the next phase of the Amazima School in the next few weeks, but sadly the fundraising for the Cherish High School hasn’t gone as well as Cherish Uganda had hoped, and so EMI has had to postpone that project for the time being.

We don’t yet know where we’ll be going instead, although the EMI Uganda leadership should make a decision within the next few weeks.  There are some good reasons not to stay in Jinja – another project manager is already lined up to take over from me in May, and although EMI’s involvement in the Amazima School is increasing we feel it would be an ineffective use of resources (our project managers and foremen) for me to remain involved – even though, arguably, the scale of the project could justify two project managers.

Meanwhile we stepped into a parallel universe today, away from NGOs and missionaries, and enjoyed watching some highly proficient kayakers throw themselves down grade 8 rapids at Itanda Falls during the Nile River Festival… incredible!



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