The Outtakes

(Posted by Jane)

Last week at Child Restoration Outreach (CRO) we were taking school photos of former street children. These were some of the outtakes – and my favourites – the whole process caused a lot of hilarity!

For these children this is their first school photo; not least because for many of them this is their first year in school. Most of the children in these pictures were part-timers on the streets last year; begging and scavenging during the day and returning to the slum communities around Jinja at night. CRO social workers have been working alongside their families and communities, addressing the issues that have led to these children being on the streets. Through support, counselling and Self Help Groups (microfinance groups), these families and communities are now better able to care for these children, and with the help of CRO they are now getting an education. Paying school fees (a requirement of every school in Uganda) is a perennial problem: CRO shoulders the majority of this burden, whilst requiring families (where possible) to take responsibility for school resources and uniform; encouraging family involvement and investment in the child’s education.

Child Restoration Outreach needs the support of individuals and churches to help keep these children in school. Send me a message below if you are interested in donating to CRO or supporting these children through their education.


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