Preview: Otino Waa

(Posted by Laurence)

EDIT: This project was in the final stages of planning when we wrote this post, but sadly it was cancelled in late May.

In January we posted a little update on my next project with EMI; at that point the future was unclear, but since then our design team have been working hard and we can now share the conceptual design for our next project (above).

In September we will be moving to Lira (a town in Uganda’s northern region) to support Otino Waa Children’s Village in the construction of a multipurpose building that will serve as a chapel and general meeting space for some 300 orphans. We know fairly little about Lira, but we will be visiting next weekend to scout out housing options and meet the Otino Waa team. Please do pray for this trip, and also for the work of the design team and the funds that Otino Waa need to bring this project to fruition.

More news on this as it develops, meanwhile we are looking forward to a sunrise Easter service with our church tomorrow morning — on the banks of the Nile!


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