Jane and Laurence

If you’ve stumbled across this blog, been recommended it by a friend, or maybe just don’t know us that well, then this should fill in the gaps…

In April 2016 we moved to Uganda with the intention of staying for at least a few years. Laurence is working for Engineering Ministries International, and Jane is exploring where she can best use her skills and experience: so far that has meant training church youth workers, creating and running a discipleship course for sexually exploited women, and supporting the work of a local charity for street children.

We’re Christians. Hopefully that isn’t news to you! A lot of people call themselves Christians – or call other people Christians – and mean all sorts of things by it, but we aren’t interested in talking about that right now.  For us, being a Christian means following Jesus (“the Christ”); a man who lived and died 2000 years ago, but who we believe was God in human form and rose from the dead.  For us, following Jesus means loving our neighbours, and in today’s hyper-connected world that can mean anyone and everyone.

This isn’t a squishy, huggy type of love, but a serious and practical love. It means we want to share what we believe to be true about Jesus, because we think it is life-changing, and we want to help people who are in poverty. We talk about spiritual poverty and physical poverty, and we want to fight both at the same time.