This is an invitation…  

…to be part of a story of change for women and girls facing sexual exploitation and trafficking in Uganda.

img_2366-01Rahab Uganda exists to fight sexual exploitation and human trafficking in both the long term and short term; through government lobbying and awareness campaigns, and by re-homing and educating young girls and providing vocational training to women who are striving to escape a cycle of prostitution and exploitation.  But foundational to everything that Rahab does is a belief that it is God who brings real and lasting change.  Yes, these women need practical support and education to give them new prospects, but at Rahab we believe that deep and complete renewal is the work of God.  He is the one who brings the self-worth, inspiration and power to actualise change.

In September 2016 I created a discipleship course called When She Meets Jesus, specifically tailored to the women who come to Rahab’s drop-in centre.  30 women attended the 7-week course, and I am now producing leaders’ guides and resources to enable the course to be re-run.  The unanticipated result of this course has been that these women are now asking for more, and specifically they want to be able to read the Bible for themselves: they want their own Bibles, something that for them is a luxury they can’t afford.

There are 3 ways you can be part of this work:

WSMJ CoverRead…  I have developed When She Meets Jesus into 21 reflections on the same New Testament stories.  Take 21 days to read this devotional, journeying with the girls at Rahab and reflecting on the stories for yourself.  This booklet was written with a female readership in mind, but is open to anyone.  If you would like a copy please fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page and I will email you a PDF version – for free!  Limited hard copies are available; please include your postal address if you would like one.

Pray…  God is the one who brings change, and he listens and responds to our prayers; after each reflection there are suggestions for prayer; whether you follow these or pray independently, your prayers are crucial to Rahab’s work.

bibleGive… In February 2017 we were able to buy 95 Bibles for the girls at Rahab. We are hugely grateful to those of you who contributed; the Bibles have been received with much joy and gratitude.


Whether you want to Read, Pray or Give, please use the contact form below to get in touch, request a copy of When She Meets Jesus, or ask any questions.  Thank you.

Jane Knoop has previously worked for the Church of England and The Stewards’ Trust as a youth worker; in 2016 she moved to Uganda with her husband, who works with Engineering Ministries International, where a chance meeting with the director of Rahab Uganda at a Tearfund/YWAM conference put her on a path to write When She Meets Jesus.